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Kaltjiti Arts and Crafts

Contact Details

Beverly Peacock


PMB Fregon via Alice Springs NT 0872
Phone: (08) 8956 7720
Fax: (08) 8956 7862

©Painting by Mr Robin Kanakapankatja

Kaltjiti Arts has in recent years started to experience success and recogniton for their artists. The centre is vital and functional, a centre point for the community returning income to the artists. The artists have also been involved in a cross cultural project where their art work is translated into traditional handicrafts (rugs cushions and lacquer ware products) made in Kashmir. This project has proved very successful for the artists, focusing on their fine art achievements and bringing in an income for them from the wonderful images created in the art centre.



Art Styles

Acrylic Canvas/Paper
Limited Edition Prints
Printed Fabric